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ESRCD assists with workshop and field day planning on various topics beneficial to conservation efforts and improved agricultural practices

Farming in Drought

In May, 2015 the ESRCD received support from the Department of Water Resources to hold a workshop on farming practices during drought. Partnering with the Modesto and Turlock Irrigation Districts, the workshop addressed topics such as deficit irrigation in orchards, soil moisture monitoring, irrigation system efficiency, and soil health.

Soil Health Field Day

In January 2015, the ESRCD demonstrated compost application techniques in an almond orchard to show the benefits of compost on soil quality and health. Deep ripping and compost incorporation into the root zone was done to increase fertility and water holding capacity of the soil. We plan to continue our efforts with similar field days in the future.

Irrigation Water Management

In January, 2015 the RCD partnered with NRCS to bring information about Irrigation Water Management to the public. NRCS staff shared practical strategies in planning irrigation systems, soil moisture monitoring, and working with irrigation data.