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Our Board of Directors

The East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District is ran by a diverse and well represented Board of Directors, most of whom are farmers, ranchers and conservationists themselves. All volunteers, they dedicate their time and knowledge to guide the decisions of the ESRCD so that we may best serve our community.

  • Sherman Boone, Chairman
  • Mike Passalaqua, Vice Chairman
  • Frank R. Coehlo, Treasurer
  • Susan Harper, Board Member
  • Darrell Cardova, Board Member

Our Talented Staff

The staff that operates the day to day running of the ESRCD is also diverse in their talents and specialties. Ranging from backgrounds in business, finance, agriculture and community outreach, our staff collectively provides a wide range of knowledge and skills to our community. Reach out to us today for any of your resource conservation needs!

  • Jamie Meek, Administrative Manager
  • Trina Walley, Resource Conservation Technician
  • Jeff Borum, Soil Health Conservationist
  • Alexandria Miranda, Agricultural Conservationist
  • Blake Broussard, Agricultural Conservationist
  • Emily Piersma, Agricultural Conservationist
  • Alec Schmitt, Agricultural Conservationist